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This is where you can find things that I have been invloved in, places I've worked, things I've worked on, etc. I am involved in a lot of different activities, both through work and in my spare time. If you have any questions about anything on my CV or anywhere on this page, feel free to contact me!

Curriculum Vitae

Ideally, and historically, I would have a wonderful link here to download a copy of my full CV. However, jekyll and I had a disagreement and now...no link. So, if you are interested in knowing my education and full work history, please send me an email and I would be happy to send you a pdf to peruse. Sorry for the inconvenience! I should get this fixed up soon..hopefully.

Society of Women Engineers

I recently became a member of SWE at the urging of my friend, Aditi Rajagopal. SHe has been involved since college, and while it was something I thought about doing during college, I never got involved. Since joining last August I have beenattended the 2015 National Conference in Nashville, TN and the 2016 Region H Conference in Platteville, WI. I had a wonderful time at both, met a ton of amazing women, and, as a result, been more inspired by those trips than I ever have in my life.

Rochester Womens Network

I started working on the board of the Rochester WNET group shortly after starting at IBM last May. It was, again, Aditi that got me involved. I attended the kickoff event and got a lot of exposure to women on site at IBM. From that point, I started going to the planning meetings and helping to coordinate events. I helped run a blanket making event last December and in the end we had 12 polar fleece blankets that we donated to the Ronald McDonald House. I also helped plan an International Women's Day networking event on site that allowed women from a variety of departments and levels in the company to chat and get to know one another.


I try to volunteer at least a few times a year; in the last few years, I have been involved at both the Burnsville High School and the Academy of Holy Angels High School(AHA). As an alumni of AHA and their theatre department, I go back to help out with their productions. Generally I help with building various pieces of the set, and then painting those set pieces, much like I did as a student. Most recently, I helped tape out and paint Number 17 Cherrytree Lane on a scrim for the spring musical Mary Poppins. As for Burnsville High School, they have a community outreach program they hold every year called Empty Bowls for Full Bellies. The art department, coordinates with local artists and companies to make hundreds of ceramic bowls to sell in the spring with soup to raise money. The money that gets collected from donations selling the bowls, goes to purchasing food to fill the backpacks of elementary schoolers in the area that come from families that aren't able to feed themselves on the weekends. I have helped with this program in a variety of ways- creating and selling bowls primarily.