Day 16

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Day 16.. Not of quaratine like many people are writing about these days, but day 16 waiting for parts for the microwave. We have a fancy microwave that is mounted above the stove and has the lights and exhaust all built into it and it does a bunch of other magic too. It has a soften butter setting which I made a lot of use of given that I like to bake.. a lot. SO. Not having a microwave for 16+ days (it took me about a week of putting things in the microwave and realzing that wasn’t gonna work before I finally overcame the laziness and made an appointment for GE to come out and take a look. So its really been more like.. a month with no microwave. The guy came, said that one of the three control panels was bad (and that he didn’t know which it was) and that they could ship us the parts so we could fix it ourselves and that it would be cheaper than him coming back to do it himself. We are savvy enough that we figured this wouldn’t be a problem and so far it hasn’t been. BECAUSE WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE PARTS 16 DAYS LATER.

I cannot tell you how many times we have almost bought an cheap microwave. Basically any trip to a hardware store, target, or anywhere else that sells them.. We’ve come close. But I JUST KNOW, that the second we buy one, the damn parts will arrive.

In the mean time, reheating things on the stove and in the microwave oven has been our MO for not eating cold food. Lordy have I never washed a pot so many times in one week.

What else is new in my life since my last post was literally years ago? I’m living in Washington. Living in a house instead of an apartment which is nice. I joined a soccer team. I ran a bunch of 5k and 10ks.. I have been taking pole classes and flexibility classes.. At least until all of that was taken away by the stupid virus. Seriously people, you should have been covering your mouths and washing your hands this whole time. It shouldn’t be a new thing. I really really hope all this clears up soon though. I am getting bored enough to blog. That’s not a great sign. Or maybe it is for anyone that needs more content to read? I dunno.

Maybe this will be a daily thing now? (LOL, probably not, but maybe.. but probably not).


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