Good Habits

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Remeber how I set out that beautiful schedule? All those plans about getting back on track? Yeah. Me too. And then it didn’t happen.

Things are getting a little bit better though. Starting with one small good habit at a time. First I got vitamins and started taking them everyday. Did that for a week and then I started making sure I was brushing my teeth twice a day( I was averaging like.. 1.5). After that, I started a skincare routine- I have stuff I do for my face in the morning and evening (and it is more than just washing my face and putting lotion on). Next I started waking up before 9 AM consistently. This might not sound like much, but when I was staying up till 4AM it was hard to motivate to get out of bed before 11AM…So now I am on a before 1AM to before 9AM schedule.

Now I have kicked things up a notch to counting calories again. I did this for months at one point I was really good at it. But then travel happened. And the holidays. And more travel. And then covid. So.. I got to the heaviest I’ve ever been, panicked, and now here we are at 1200 calories a day to offset all that stress/innefectual comfort food eating I did. Needless to say, my baking list has not changed since my last post.

I got my pole set up ( I think I said that last time maybe?) So I have that now. And my Flex classes. Trying to start running again. Still go biking occasionally.

…still hate everything.

Sorry I totally like.. whiffed writing for a month. Things got busy with the foundation’s first virtual event. I think that went as well as it could have. People seemed surprised it went as well as it did…but I miss my humans. I miss the connection of seeing them and drinking with them and playing games with them. Maybe in October, but probably not.


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